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Bill Ticineto - Creative Director

Bill has been a successful graphic designer since his graduation from Cal Arts

more than thirty years ago. Whether working for the  entertainment industry, designing  logos or packaging, he is known for his conceptual skills and his meticulous attention to detail. He has worked on projects for Universal Pictures, Sony, Saban, Disney, Playmates Toys and Bandai. When he’s not working at the

         computer Bill keeps his hand skills sharp by designing and building

              beautiful cabinets, furniture and garden architecture.

 Jill Chase - Art Director

 Jill attended Rhode Island School of Design and received

her BFA from ASU in 1986.  After attending Yale’s Brissago

Program in Switzerland she came back to California to work.  Starting in publishing,

she learned engineering for pop-up books which developed into a  unique

perspective for designing product packaging. She always brings a fresh approach

to her work.  As a Certified Master Gardener, Jill also enjoys designing gardens and

giving talks on organic gardening in her spare time.


Lily - Distraction Director

Lily, our golden retriever mix,  is in charge of making

sure every one remembers to take a break now and

again.  She is very good at her job.

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